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>> that does it for us. >> we'll be back tomorrow. shepard now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." breaking news in the major league baseball drug scandal is set to come at this moment. the hammer is about to come down hard and we're just moments away from hearing the fate of alex rodriguez, the highest paid player in baseball history and many others. we're tracking the al qaeda terror threats they're telling us about that forced our embassies and consulates to stay closed for the rest of the week. john on the hunt will explain why the timing could be very important here. >> how about a delicious schmeat burger. a fake, very expensive hamburgers, that scientists grew in the lab from cattle stem
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cells. somebody tasted it today. we'll get into that all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> and there is breaking news now on fox news channel. multiple sources are telling fox news that we're moments away from learning the fate of many major league baseball players, including the biggest catch of them all, the yankees' star. alex rodriguez, over the recent drug scandal. barring any last-minute surprises which i suppose could happen. a-rod has the largest contract in american sports history, and we're told he was the last remaining holdout after a dozen players accepted drug suspensions from mlb. a-rod had been planning to make his debut the -- with the yankees tonight in chicago, and looks like he still will if he appeals the penalty, which we are told he will. the scandal involved a now-closed clinic in florida. a-rod is by far the highest profile player connected to it. he has earned more than 300 mental over the course of his
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career, and once seemed the candidate to become the next home run king. he is currently fifth on the list. alec rodriguez has been facing criticism from fans and commentators. the cover of the "new york post" puts it simply: just go. ed a tam -- adam houseley is live. we're expecting multiple news releases at this moment. >> yes, shepard. the first one i just got, it says in part, major league baseball issued the following discipline for violation office the joint drug prevention treatment program in relation to the biogeneral sis investigation. the south florida clinic we have been talking about. if you have been falling baseball, similar to the balco situation with barry bonds. players with 50-game suspensions are -- down the list, couple of big names here, nelson cruz, for the rangers, in a pennant race, bastardo, pitcher for the
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phillies, and jhonny peralta, in the middle of a pennant race. this one does not mention alex rodriguez. it does mention a couple players that were found to be innocent. those include pitcher gentlemen ogonzalez. the starting pitcher for the washington nationals. this one does not mention alex rodriguez. i have another one coming in right now. it's the same one i just got. so comes down to this. alex rodriguez has mucked this up for professional baseball. they tried to get this thing done last week and did everything they could to get everyone to agree to the suspensions and a-rod's people would not agree because it would be not only 50 games but next season, so more than $34 million in salary he would have to forfeit. he was been doing a rehab assignment and was asked but nevada ised and it talked about wanting to get back in the pennant race and help his teammates. take a listen. >> i can't wait to see my
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teammates. i feel like i can help us win. i can help us be a better team, and i haven't seen a lot of my brothers in a long time. >> i'm getting another press release right now. this coming from mlb. the players are starting to respond. gives you an idea of the negotiations. nelson cruz with the rangers says basically he is accepting the 50-game suspension. that is what baseball was trying to do here. they're trying to get this all done and just didn't work out for them. here is the new york yankees one about alex rodriguez. they have announced today that third baseman alex rodriguez of the new york yankees has been suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2013 season and also post season, and the entire 2014 season as well. for violation office the joint prevention treatment program and basic agreement. so the idea is that a-rod will not be allowed to play. however, he is the ohm player who is fighting this, so it allows him to play until the
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arbiter hears the case that would normally take 20 days but they could try to move it up and the me major league baseball players association agrees that could be quicker. if they don't agree, a-rod could play, 15-20 games, in the middle of a pennant race, knowing he is fighting a suspension for more than 200 game and baseball wanted this done and it's not going away. >> shepard: we have more from the commissioner, bud selig, just come to us. adam began this, the news release, and i'm going read the rest from the computer. gets into the details why this is a bigger deal for alex. rodriguez disciplined under the joint drug prevention ask treatment program is based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing drugs substances, including tennessees toster reason and human growth hormone over mull pel years. rodriguez disciplined under the basic agreement with the union is for attempting to cover up his violation over the program by engaging in a course of
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conduct intended to obstruct some frustrate the office of commissioner's investigation. the suspension, which will become effective on thursday, august 8, will cover 211 championship season games -- the regular season -- and postseason games, and otherwise would have been eligible to play. under the terms of the joint drug prevention treatment program, alex rodriguez's suspension will be stayed until the completion of his appeal if rodriguez files a grievance. and now it's flashing all over the national wires and really the world wires that alex rodriguez, the highest paid player in any united states sports, is now going to be suspended as of august 8th. adam houseley with some new information. >> we're now hearing from bud selig, t commissioner of baseball, has been battling this for 11 years, some people say too late. he says in a press release of his own -- there war supposed to be just one press release, we
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have multiple. he says, quote, is a point to point out that 16,000 total europe and blood tests were conducted on players worldwide under the mlb drug program win. the important additions of the gcg -- hgh, we're confident in the testing program. he says the cases illustrates the strength of the program is not limited to testing but we attack the issue on every front. so, obviously bud selig was hoping this thing would go away, as lot of people in baseball were. the players were told by the players association they've thought it would be 20 suspended. that has been downgraded to 13. so a day is a win for baseball and also a loss for baseball in the sense that alex rodriguez is going to fight this, which means potentially 15-20 games until finely some sort of conclusion, shepard. >> nelson cruz just issued a statement, others are: accepting his punishment saying he had been sick, lost this
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weight-didn't know if he could come back and then made an error in judgment and will accept his 50-game suspension. not a-rod. he is fighting. a lot of money on the line. incredible. >> we're going to see a scene like we have never seen in baseball history tonight in chicago because from owl accounts a-rod is taking the fields and the yankees are going to put him in the lineup. so you have this going on around him and yet alex rodriguez will be playing baseball as he appeals this, and like adam says, this could take 15-20 days. very interesting scenario. everybody wants it to go away but it's 34 million reasons for it to not go away. >> part or the argument a-rod went to the clinic and used its services and also pushed others to go there. >> yeah. you look at all these guys, and 33% of the dirty dozen were new york athletes. it that a connection to a-rod? we're not sure.
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seemed like it had a new york bent to this, and a-rod is very expected with this situation. so'll see what happens. the point you made, bud selig's press release, trying to cover this up. not just how you caught me. he went out hills way to obstruct this. and we have seen this before with roger clemens and bare bonds. >> the way the major league works is, major league baseball has a contract with the union. the union is very powerful. as part of the contract bud selig could, if he chose to do so, enact the good of the game clause. we're not going to let him play because of the debt treatment to the game of payable. he did not enact that. hello, union. >> that's just the strength of the mlb sbpa. the baseball union at its best. we don't want to fight that because it's that strong of a union, and the best interests of the game to not have a-rod
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involved. we're not going to see that used. the other question is why are the yankees playing him? because a-rod's camp suggest that the yankees don't want to pay him the $34 million he has left either. so they're not going to say he's healthy, ware not putting him in the lineup. so looks like we'll see alex rodriguez on the field tonight which will be falls nateing. >> shepard: everybody knows how powerful the yankees organization is and how powerful bud selig is. anyone who knows baseball knows the players union and the league are getting along. if they have ever gotten along better, i don't know when. >> nelson cruz, a baseball star, leads the rangers in home runs. >> shepard: two statements on nelson cruz. one from the rangers and one phenomenon tuesday can they're very conciliatory. >> and ryan braun, the defending mvp, and these are huge names and for a-rod -- they were this close. baseball was so close to have this almost washed a. from selig's legacy. it's going to be -- bud selig
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steroid era. he almost washed his name. got this players, we they all agreed. a-rod will not let them win. >> for a-rod it's about money, nothing else. >> you can say it's about legacy. it's about money. >> legacy? what legacy? >> fifth all-time home runs. wants to finish up strong in his career. not going to have many years after this. so it is about money and there's a lot of money to lose and a lot of money to gain. >> shepard: wrigley tonight. wrigley field has been the scene of incredible delicious booing over the years. you know one thing that yankees fans they've everywhere, especially in chicago. my guess is every yankees fan and every cubby's fan tonight, boo the hell out of alex rodriguez. >> it's going to be an amazing scene. i think so. if the game is played at yankee stadium he will get booed. it's amazing.
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he is going to take the field, put on the blinds and do what a-rod does. >> there is any thing that could change this scenario? something that could -- could a-rod -- is possible that a-rod will go, never mind. >> it's too deep. they're appealing it. he has been out here. and 34 million reasons -- >> why even offer a statement. he has been -- not like he is at the -- it was interesting and he came out and there were some antiyankees comments, antibaseball comments, a-rod, very interesting situation. see how it plays out. >> it will be good for ratings. red sox fans are trying to get tickets. oh, god, dread it. we're expecting a statement from a-rod. his camp is going to come out with something at any moment. it has not yet happened. we'll bring it to you. a closer look at the embassy closures in the mideast. al qaeda's power, or lack thereof in the region what it
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>> shepard: breaking news now on fox news channel. we mentioned alex rodriguez, suspended for 214 games, set to begin this thursday, august 8th. this would take him through 2013's regular season and postseason and 2014. by the time he got back to baseball, if the suspension stand, he would be 39-1/2 plus years old and one can question whether he would be able to do even what he did last year, which wasn't much. alex rodriguez, though, plans to appeal the suspension, it's our understanding, so his is a separate news release from the commissioner's office, and alex rodriguez is expected to release a statement at any moment. the yanks are going to chicago to play, and they are, but i thought it was interleague. we're playing the white sox. and they're got good -- they were great at booing at comiskey
12:17 pm
and very good at it at u.s. cellar as well. so boo away, second city. we're with you here in the big apple. >> when we get the a-rod statement we'll bring it to you right away and let you know what he said. i'm sure it will be the great. >> the state department is ordering embassies and consulates in more than a dozen middle east and african cities to close their doors for the rest of the week as lawmakers here reported dramatic increase in online chatter about a potential al qaeda attack. >> we are going to keep evaluating information as it comes in, keep analyzing the various intelligence. joel what we are doing is taking -- overall we're taking precautionary steps out of an abundance of caution to protect ore people and facilities and visitors to the facilities overseas. >> shepard: abundance of caution. most of them were closed as well but the state department has allowed some facilities to re-open in nations including afghanistan and iraq.
12:18 pm
the defense officials describe a beefed up response by the pentagon with our forces in the region now on a heightened state of alert. the members of he house intelligence commitee say this threat is, quote, very specific, unquote. more so than before the boston marathon bombings. well: and more so ahead of last september's attack on the constance flat benghazi. the series republican senator lindsey graham says we're seeing an al qaeda on steroids in north africa. and remember, the state department's global travel alert stays in effect for the rest of this month as the summer winds down. so the end of august, and then september 11th is 11 days away. the department officials warning americans headed overseas, travel at your own risk and sign up with us. with us now, the former senior director for the middle east affairs, michael sing. sir, thank you. >> shep. >> you can flip around the dial
12:19 pm
and hear this is nothing. they're acting out of an abundance of caution and then flip to other places and they tell you it's the end of the world. what's the truth sneer. >> it's a pretty serious action, closing all the embassies, which i think reinforces what you heard from lawmakers, this is obviously a very serious and viewed as very credible threat. if they're taking this action. what it appears to lack is some specificity but because of the breath and length, and lead knows believe there are some specifics mying. we have seen the terrorist threat persist in the middle east, although it's gotten more diffuse you have individual groups in places like libya yemen, iraq, and syria, and it's not clear they're coordinated. >> shepard: it's my understanding from everybody i speck with over there that al qaeda's leadership is fractured and their money sources are
12:20 pm
drying up and as an organization as a whole they have the a difficult time operating, which i not to suggest, and no one has suggest that done mind outliers can't do something. >> you hit the nail on the head. what you said is probably true of the global organization. but what we have seen, in this chaotic environment in the middle east, these individual local groups, some of which have global aspirations like the al qaeda branch in yemen, are able to thrive amidst the turmoil. a looked at a "new york times" report that suggested maybe there was some coordination between two branches that underlies the thread, and that would be a very alarming development,. >> shepard: that's when they raise red flags. we can't confirm that but that would fit a pattern. >> that's right. and that would be obviously something that would represent a heightened threat. we have seen, for example, al qaeda in iraq, al qaeda in sirra, which is fighting against the assad regime there invigorated because of what is going on. we have seen the prison breaks
12:21 pm
in libya iraq, and pakistan, and what i think would be very alarming if all of a sudden al qaeda felt it was back on the scene and wanting to take the fight to the u.s. homeland. >> the last thing want to do is be afraid. that's what they want. >> we have to still strike the right balance. what maybe this tells us is while we don't want to define our lives by this war or terrorism, we have to realize this will never really be defeated. terrorism is a tactic, not a person or group, and as long as there's situations like yemen, where there's no law and order, this is something we have to face and figure out how to do it in a sustainable way. >> michael, thanks very much. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: a witness as a crowded boardwalk says the driver was out for blood. now investigators are trying three-why. -- trying to learn why, why a man apparently mowed down as many people as he could. what is his motivation? driving on to the boardwalk.
12:22 pm
we're live at the scene of this so-far inexplicable series of events and waiting for a statement from his magesty, alex rodriguez. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop.
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>> shepard: investigators trying to figure out why a man would speed straight into a saturday night crowd and mow down a dozen people. one woman died, others seriously hurt. happened on he boardwalk in venice beach. a well-known tourist attraction that is always crowded, especially saturday night. we have some surveillance video that shows the car taking aim at the people. witnesses say it swerved side-to-side, hit one person after another. shows the chaos the car blew right through a barricade and
12:26 pm
everything necessary its way. folks eating at this cafe, jumped up and at the commotion. the surviving victims say they didn't have any time to run for cover. >> shocked when he hit everybody, including me, my wife, and neighbor, and continued other bunch of people. i was shocked. i fell down and i don't remember the rest of it, what happened. >> shepard: the cops say the driver took off, abandoned the car and hours later walked into a police station and turned himself in. they're hopefulling him now on $1 million bond. >> will cars carr is in venice beach. hello, will. >> i want to set the scene. the were thousands of people town here ons when the car came racing around the corner behind me, hit the boardwalk and then plowed into a big group of people, and police say it was nathan campbell behind the wheel. he was going 40 or 50-miles-an-hour an hour when he slammed into several vendors and
12:27 pm
then into large crowd of people. witnesses tell us that everything happened in a matter of seconds. >> everybody was running in circles, trying to figure out what to do, how to help the lady, figuring out who was hurt the worst. >> a person hurt the worse was alice gruppioni. from italy, celebrating her honeymoon with her husband, and that's when police say campbell crashed into her, killing her. although her husband was standing nearby. the family issued a statement saying the crash robbed her of her life while she was living her dream of visiting california with her husband. we saw a makeshift memorial set up right where she was killed. people offering moments of silence. later today there's going to be a vigil at the cafe behind me, the candle cafe. they say anybody can come by to pay their respects. >> shepard: will carr on the boardwalk. it's am half past the hour.
12:28 pm
the thinking was alex rodriguez will issue a statement right after m.l.b.'ll does. well, major league baseball said we're spending him for 214 games. we're expecting an announcement he wants to appeal. hasn't happened. we're waiting as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news in "studio b." eyfr@r being sixteen, alex thinks he's invincible.
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hands of alex rodriguez. it seems the players union is all for him. adam housely in the west coast news hub. this isn't altogether surprising but strange to read. >> a little bit of a stunner. we are waiting for the a-rod comment but a bit of a stunner from the players association. they start off their paragraph by saying that the announcement was consistent with the punishment seth forth in the agreement. but then the next line says for the player alex rodriguez, we agree with his decision to fight the allegation. mr. rodriguez knows the union consistent with its history will defend his rights vigorously. this goes to the fact that alex rodriguez's suspension is much longer than anybody else. the reason why the league gave alex rodriguez a much longer suspension, he didn't test positive but he tried to obstruct and cover up their investigation and frustrate they're investigation. that's why he got a much more strict sentence. people out the saying there are other reasons for it.
12:33 pm
that's what we have been told by mlb, but the players association is apparently going to help alex rodriguez fight the long suspension that would be well over 200 games games game. and the teams we have spoken to, many teams -- as the negotiations have been going on -- they had to figure out what they were going to do lose a starting outfielder or shortstop, and some of the teams were in the middle of a pennant race, and two guys suspended last year,ing me can he cabrera and colon signed contracts and colon made the all-star team and they were suspended last year. >> shepard: peter is back with us from fox the players union says, yeah go after it. >> going to bat for a-rod. they're the union. they're supporting their player. and we know that a-rod had comments over the weekend help
12:34 pm
said he deserved less of a suspension than ryan braun, who got 65 game. he says i've never been suspended before so i should have less than that. 214 games. the union is going to bat for them which i think is fairly surprising considering the other 12 players are making a deal and let's move on. a-rod, they're going to fight. >> shepard: nelson cruz from the texas range 'ers has a statement. four or five statements on nelson cruz. all those players and all those other teams must be mighty thankful there's this 4 billion-pound elephant in the big city. >> any other situation nelson cruz would be heyed heyed the -- headline. lees the rangers in home runs, an al championship series mvp. everybody is waiting for a-rod's comment and then guys like jhonny peralta, good player, nelson cruz, names, household names, ryan braun is a household name. star of the league.
12:35 pm
no wince interested in them. it's all about alex rodriguez and it's the waiting game. >> adam mentioned melky cabrera but he was available for the postseason last year after his suspension. >> he served the 50-game suspension and they were going into the playoffs. the giants decided not to bring him on to the postseason roster. they went on and won the world series, but that was an interesting decision. we get him back but we're going to still keep him off the field. the yankees tonight, as a-rod is appealing, he is going to be on the field. so it will be a very interesting situation in chicago. >> shepard: they're going to play him because they could -- there could be legal action against them if they don't. >> absolutely. he belongs to be starting at third base, how can you not put him on the field. there could be legal action. the a-rod camp is saying, baseball is after us, but the yankees might be after us as well. me against the world. that alex rodriguez.
12:36 pm
>> shepard: we were expecting to hear from any? >> we were. the reason why is he allowed to play until thursday, he has 72 hours to appeal. so while we expect a statement tomorrow, it could by tomorrow. he has 72 hours before the appeal has to be officially filed with major league baseball. so while we do expect a statement anytime, he could draw this out more and as we have been talking about, the plan is that he will about in the lineup tonight. the yankees in the middle of a pennant race, a whole different set of circumstances. major league baseball wanted this done last week. >> shepard: we are are kind of in a pennant race. but at it tough when you're average is it about what it is around here, and the whole game -- i mean, just -- >> shep, you can called me a giants fan. >> shepard: no. no. no. go ahead, win away. i'll stay here, thanks. i was impressed with the giants
12:37 pm
team. the management saying no. the yankees can't say that because the yankees could be liable. >> and could also be held against them as well. >> shepard: when a player is bigger than the game, which you can make the argument alex rodriguez is, we're in trouble, and today we're in trouble. >> 12 players, they the good, but the big fish, this one is going on. >> shepard: thank you, peter. continuing coverage of the u.s. response to latest al qaeda threat. the state department ordered more than a dozen embassies and consulates to close their doors this week out of, quote, an abundance of caution. investigators may also need to keep an eye on the timing. the chief forks correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. concern terrorist try to strike around significant dates to them >> the anniversary. on wednesday, 15 years since the terrible attacks on the two u.s. embassies in tanzania and kenya
12:38 pm
that killed 223 people, including 12 americans. and then we are, of course, just a little over a month away from the anniversary of 9/11, always a time of year that makes a lot of intelligence officials and the rest of us very nervous. and it was on 9/11 last year that the attack was carried out on the diplomatic facility in benghazi, libya, that cost the lives of four americans among them our ambassador there. >> shepard: embassies and outposts are clear targets. >> not necessarily the softest targets, particularly since then 1998 africa bombings. many of the diplomatic facilities around the world have been hardened, but they do stand out obviously as a symbol of american power. they have often been the target. so in yemen in 2008, major attack against the embassy there. we have already talked about the attack on the diplomatic facility in benghazi.
12:39 pm
libya, and as michael o'hanlon of the brookings institute pointed out today, when you attack an american embassy you do much more than just disrupt the lives of those who work there listen. >> these embassies are abroad for good reasons. they're trying to represent our interests, trying to support reformists in the broader middle east who trying to bring democracy and human rights to their countries who are trying to oppose extremists. we enter act with these people, try to help thems' support them. when you shut down an embassy you can't do your work. >> they can't do their work, and in that sense, at least, even if they don't care oat an attack. shutting down the embassy is a small victory for the terrorists. >> shepard: thank you. have you heard about this? the most important story of the day. the day hugh of schmeat. a lab-grown burg that's right costs a quarter million dollars. a chef in london today cooked up
12:40 pm
a pattie. how does schmeat taste? that is next.
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>> shepard: an important debate oopingcuss, the debate over the program. we heard all the public outcry when he learned how the nsa keeps tabs on us, but there's anger behind the escapes that we're not using this spy tools widely enough. the time quotes intelligence experts who say other government agencies want access to all the secret information the nsa selected. let's take you to the judge. senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> at first the government toldes when snowden made his initial revelations the only thing they captured was basic information, billing information,. who you called, when you called, how long you spoke. >> shepard: they lied to us. >> snowden and other nsa
12:44 pm
whistle-blowers, including one named thomas drake who has been on shows in this building, was prosecuted by the government, and the prosecution was thrown out. reveals the government does have the context of phone calls and e-mails and can read them. this morning we learn that other entities in the federal government are jealous that the nsa has this and they want it. but the dea revealed, the drug enforcement administration, it has received it. so, they have actually started criminal investigations based on information seized pursuant to spying power. absolutely prohibited, not only by the fourth amendment but by the statute that creates the spying power which says it can only be used to combat terrorism, not other crimes, because it's easier for them to start a prosecution based upon secretly recorded phone calls. >> sounds like what you're saying is this government of ours went out and tried to prosecute people for leaking, and this government, the nsa, is
12:45 pm
leaking itself. >> correct. lisp. the government is prosecuting edward snowden saying he committed espionage by leaking but official ted nsa are leaking, boasting about the bad people caught, that's leaking by identifying the case. boasting they are the ones who chaptered the chatter in yemen that caused the president to close the embassies in the arabian peninsula. doesn't make sense why they have to spy on 300 million americans in order to catch some al qaeda people in yemen talking to each other and how somehow capture or stopping these people in yemen justifies invading the privacy of everybody here. the constitution was written to prevent that kind of a dragnet to prevent those leaks to make yourself look good, to prevent those leaks to other law enforcement entities, to help them do their job. >> shepard: i don't go to their web site, show to conspiracy theorists must have a hell of a time. >> i don't go to the web sites.
12:46 pm
unless they send me something. actually, shep, as your great producers will tell you, she who must be obeyed said, judge, we're not going through this. unless and until it's corroborated. it was corroborated by fox and other sources sources and by an admission by the dea itself it has been getting these tips from the spies about who are bad guys out here. domestic bad guys that have nothing to do with terrorism. when and how will this end? why is there no outrage? >> shepard: i don't know, judge. >> just ten days ago they asked for our passwords and they were probably turned over. where does it go from there? >> shepard: what are they going to do with it? when you give away information to credit card companies and banks and all the rest, you have to sign a thing saying i'm giving it to you. the government is taking it and they're prosecuting citizens for leaking information about it, as
12:47 pm
they leak information about it, too. those are the facts. a-rod is probably worse. but not a lot. that's next. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call or donation adds up to something big.
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>> shepard: this is maybe a possible to answer world hunger or a way to make us lose our appetite. behold photographerren beef made in a test tube. scientist cooked up the schmeat. they started with stem cells from cows, through in salt, egg powder, bread crumbs and beet
12:51 pm
juice to give it a beefy appearance. >> it is close to meat. it's not that juicy. but the -- >> the absence is -- i feel like the fat. but the bite feels like a conventional hamburger. >> the team behind the product includes one of goggles cofounders and might one day end up curbing the demand for meat without using up shrinking resources of meat. looks like it's still a was off. the price of this one stem cell patty, $330,000. whatever. maybe a-rod will eat it. we're still waiting for a statement from a-rod and pr done
12:52 pm
consultant. he has a new into, the practice of public relations. a-rod is in a nice place. >> you're talking about synthetic meat as opposed to alec rodriguez who is suspect is dead meat. >> shepard: nice. >> he is -- i tell you this, better not go 0-5 tonight. and of course this weekend they play the red sox. but you know, public relations-wise, this guy is reviled, and one of the things that caused him much angst is he has been compared for derek jeter. the two of them share the left side of the yankee infield. jeter is pristine. doesn't make any mistakes. carries himself well. alex rodriguez is hopelessly flawed. 'd rodriguez came out with his injury. now people are waiting for him to make a statement. tonight she shows and up plays. all anybody will be concern about what is your reaction.
12:53 pm
>> shepard: made $330 million. couldn't somebody talk him out of this? >> one of these guys -- some ceos are lining this. they don't listen. in this case he is a hopelessly flawed individual. ryan braun said, fine, i lost my image, i'm going to take a hike and come back. this guy goes right into the bus. it's amazing. >> shepard: there is anything he can do or say today or tonight to help himself? >> if he were my client i'd give him three words of advice. just shut up. let your lawyers talk, let major league baseball talk, fight it out in court, do your work, but get off the radar screen. he won't do it. >> shepard: i don't know how he could. he is -- rear playing in chicago, the number one market and the number three market in the country. then the red sox are coming down. and during the course of that, if the yankees lose both of those series, there's big trouble. we have 50 games left but the
12:54 pm
yankees risk not even making the playoffs, and for for the yankees that's a big deal with that payroll. >> he is going overshadow it. from the yankees' standpoint they're in a box. they have to play him and they hope he helps -- >> shepard: why can't they sit him on the bench? why can't they just say sit there and shut up. we might have to leave you in our dugout, but after all you have said about us and all you have -- just sit there. we're going to put somebody else on third. >> because he's better than the somebody else at third base, and they're in a pennant race and they're paying him. >> shepard: but he cheated. >> and he has to ultimately lose, but they're paying him, and so performance -- if he doesn't perform, the whole bunch of them have problems. >> shepard: would you do this? i look at the gyros who last year set melky cabrera. they went to the world series. they didn't have to do that. >> but the yankees are in a box. they're going to get sued. he is healthy and can come back
12:55 pm
in court. they have to play him. he is fallen. >> shepard: i'd let him grind that time, personally. what do i know. thank you. >> then theirs texas a&m. the college football star who won the heisman last year, now reportedly under investigation. according to the espn, ncaa officials are looking into claims the texas a&m quarterback, johnny football, johnny manziel, accepted a five figure flat fee to sign hundreds of outoffs on sports memorabilia back in january. that would be a huge violation of ncaa resumes, and officials could rule johnny manziel ineligible to play the game. johnny football has drawn heavy scrutiny with his offseason activities in the past few months. sitting in the front row at nba games, hanging out with rappers, at bars, sending out controversial tweets. one would say he couldn't wait to get out of college station, texas. of course that's where texas a&m
12:56 pm
is. wow. all right. maybe we'll get something from a-rod. that would be exciting. a rest nation letter would be nice -- resignation letter would be nice but that's not coming. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
12:59 pm
>> breaking news. now have a statement from the new york yankees on the situation regarding major league baseball and in essence the statements from the yankees reads they're not going to be talking about this. there's an investigation underway. pertains to a-rod. and that for now that's all they can say on this. except in paragraph two. they say, however, we're compelled to address certain reckless and false allegations concerning the yankees' role in this matter. the new york yankees in no way insin waited -- i should say -- instituted and or assisted mlb in the direction of this investigation, or used the investigation as an attempt to avoid its responsibilities under a player contract or did its medical staff fail to provide the appropriate standard of care to alex rodriguez.
1:00 pm
lots of accusations have flown. tonight, a-rod could suit up as a yankee at u.s. cellular field in chicago against the white sox. should be a dandy. the dow is off. neil cavuto is on and starts right now. >> neil: well, it is not just a scandal. it is now a soap opera. no, i'm not talking about major league baseball and steroids. aim talking about our major tax collector and scandal because the irs isn't just digging up stuff on conservatives now it's reportedly sharing that stuff with other agencies. the latest on the dustup the white house says is phony. one of the targets here is saying, that's baloney. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. auld the american future fund and now a house committee wants to know if its confidential tax information was inappropriately shared between ther is and the federal election
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